Academic Program

Plumfield Academy offers a unique educational setting for both residential and day students.

Located on eight acres in rural Sebastopol, Plumfield Academy offers highly individualized instruction for students eligible for special education services in grades K through 12.  Certified by the State of California, Plumfield Academy’s Non-Public School provides a highly structured environment where each child’s educational and behavioral needs are targeted in a classroom of 4-6 students.  Plumfield Academy curriculum is aligned with California State Standards, and core academic subjects are taught by teachers with specialized credentials.  Individual, Group and Family therapy are an important part of student and family development and are participated in by most of our students.  Speech Therapy is also available on campus.


We believe a highly structured and enriched environment is essential to growth and change.

Our calm and focused environment is our foundation for enhanced learning.   Music, athletics, jobs on campus, and many non-academic activities encourage students to work and feel successful in a wide range of interests.  Success in these arenas builds confidence and encourages students to try harder in academic subjects where there has often been a history of frustration and failure.

Social Skills Development

We know that a child who is socially isolated is at much greater risk of failing at school.

Plumfield Academy utilizes a language-based behavior management system in which our emphasis is placed on effective communication, social skills, and problem solving, the foundations of any successful relationship with peers and adults.  The goal for all Plumfield Academy students is the confidence and self possession which comes from growth socially, emotionally and academically.  Many of our students excel at Plumfield Academy and are able to successfully transition directly into regular classrooms on a public school campus.

Music Program

Plumfield Academy’s award winning drumming program offers new and challenging experiences for our students.

The confidence our students gain in the music program translates to many other aspects of their lives. Through discipline, practice, and performance experiences Plumfield Academy students build important life skills. Students can try out for the “Plumfield Beat Boys” which performs in many parades and has won numerous awards.  Our most experienced performers can audition for the “Plumfield Drum Ensemble” which performs for various schools and organizations throughout Sonoma County.

Vocational Instruction

Plumfield Academy recognizes the importance of students learning the value of a job well done.

Our students are encouraged to apply and interview for numerous paying jobs at our residences and on our school campus.  Older boys can graduate to work with the Vocational Instructor where they are taught skills and work habits necessary to be successful in today’s highly competitive workforce.

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