At Plumfield Academy, we believe in the importance of activities as part of a varied and rich environment, and as an essential part of our therapeutic program.

Enrichment activities provide opportunities for learning, and avenues to discover meaningful interests and develop new skills. Individual and group activities are planned, structured and supervised to be developmentally and socially appropriate, so that participation is fun and successful for each students.

Drumming Program

All boys participate in our drumming program and have the opportunity to perform in annual parades and school assemblies throughout Sonoma County.


Our strong emphasis placed on physical development includes daily physical education classes, Intramural Basketball teams, Annual Plumfield Academy Olympic competition and a wide variety of other outdoor sports.

Recreation, Entertainment and Cultural Activities – Our boys are encouraged to participate in regularly scheduled activities that include swimming, skating, hiking, and bowling. Community and cultural events may include movies, museums, performances, athletic events and trips to San Francisco.


Holidays, birthdays and annual events at Plumfield Academy provide a unique opportunity to establish ritual and tradition, and to teach the importance of these to the sense of community that our students, teachers, and staff all share. We mark special days, events and accomplishments with celebrations throughout the year.

Sea Cadets

For Plumfield Academy students who have the interest and have earned the privilege, the Sea Cadets is both an adventure and an opportunity to invest in their future.  Training opportunities introduce the skills needed for the many specialized jobs available in the Navy, such as construction, electronics, medical or aviation.  Three Plumfield Academy students have been honored as Sea Cadet of the Year, and all of our participating students have benefitted from the educational, social and vocational opportunities offered by this youth program.