Plumfield Academy’s intake process begins with a conversation between our Social Worker or Director and the youth’s parents, guardian or social worker.  At this time, information is exchanged regarding the youth’s history, his strengths and what emotional and behavioral issues he and his family are currently struggling with. If both Plumfield and the family believe that treatment in our program may be appropriate, we invite the family to visit and tour our program. Our Social Worker will also request any pertinent documentation that may be available regarding the youth’s history, current functioning and needs.  This may include:

  • Youth’s History (family, mental health, medical, behavioral)
  • Psychological Assessments (including cognitive evaluations)
  • School Records (testing or assessments, 504 plans or IEPs)
  • Hospitalization Records
  • Medication History

In order to gain as much information as is possible regarding each youth’s strengths and struggles, Plumfield may ask to speak with a teacher, therapist, or someone else who the family feels has special knowledge of their son. Finally, Plumfield Academy makes every effort to meet the youth in person prior to entering our program.

Plumfield understands that sometimes treatment decisions and transitions must be made quickly due to family circumstances, and we make every effort to accommodate the family’s time line while still developing a complete understanding of each youth’s specific needs and abilities.


Residential Program

Plumfield Academy’s tuition is set annually by the California Department of Social Services.  This rate is reevaluated each fiscal year, and subject to a COLA increase on July 1. For the fiscal year of 2018 – 2019, our residential rate is $7274.00 per month.

**If your child was adopted through the Child Welfare System he is eligible for the Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) which will pay the full cost of residential treatment from approved Residential Treatment programs.

School Program

Plumfield Academy’s Non- Public School is certified by the California Department of Education to work with youth with specialized education needs.  Our school tuition is set by Sonoma County Office of Education.

While some of our youth attend public schools in the community, many attend Plumfield Academy’s Non-Public School, particularly when first entering our program.  If a youth has a current IEP, tuition may be provided by the school district he resides in.  Plumfield will assist families in the process of accessing specialized school services and related assessments, if this is something the parent’s request. If youth do not qualify to attend Plumfield Academy’s School, as determined by the school district, parents have the option of paying privately for his enrollment. Tuition for the 2018 – 2019 school year is $212.58 per day. Plumfield’s regular school year is 180 days, plus 19 summer school days, for a total of 199 school days per year.