Plumfield Academy’s Residential Program recognizes the importance of providing a structured and enriched environment.

Plumfield Academy has three homes located in the beautiful countryside of Sonoma County. Each home accommodates six boys, who are cared for and supervised by a four member counseling team, with a one to three ratio of staff to residents.  Most boys have a roommate, however, single rooms are available for those boys who may not have the skills required to share a room. All of our homes offer outdoor recreational areas, including basketball courts and ample space for daily recreational activities. Each home provides a variety of games, toys, movies, and musical instruments for the boys to use as they participate in one on one or group activities, and explore their individual interests. Each home has an extensive library to encourage reading, and our at-home literacy program provides for daily, independent reading time and nightly “Storytime”.

Our Residential Program places emphasis on a structured routine of work and play which promotes personal responsibility, social skills, physical activities, nutrition, and self care.

The goal of the Plumfield Academy Residential Program is to work in tandem with the expectations of the School Program.  We know that change in children comes from consistent expectations and in learning and practicing new behaviors.  By using the Plumfield Academy Point and Level System at the residences, as well as the school, students have the same social and behavioral expectations in all aspects of their lives, thereby increasing the likelihood of significant personal growth and internalized change.  Emphasis is placed on structured, supervised activities which promote communication skills, problem solving, and mutual respect.

Working with children means having fun with them.

Encouraging change means exposing children to a wide variety of activities and experiences.  In addition to daily activities, four activities a week are planned for those boys who earn them.  These include hiking, fishing, movies, bowling, ice skating, playground and park activities and other community based events. During the holidays and school vacations activities may include trips to San Francisco for a wide range of activities including museums, Angel Island, Alcatraz, Chinatown and other cultural activities the city has to offer.