Admissions Process

Plumfield Academy accepts student referrals from school districts, educational consultants, private placements, therapists and other professionals involved with students and their families. 

Plumfield Academy’s intake process begins with a conversation to exchange information about our program and the youth’s history, including his strengths, and the social, emotional, behavioral and academic challenges he may be struggling with. 

Our Social Worker will ask for any documentation that may be available regarding each student’s history, current functioning, and specific needs.

 Helpful documentation can include:

  • Youth’s History (family, mental health, medical, behavioral)
  • Any Psychological Assessments (including cognitive evaluations)
  • School Records (which may include any testing or assessments, 504 plans or IEPs)
  • Psychiatric Assessments
  • Medication History
  • Conversations with family, knowledgeable teachers, therapists or other involved people

After reviewing the pertinent history, the student and his family are invited to tour our school and meet our staff and students. When appropriate, youth are invited to shadow for a day to support their transition to a new school environment. 


Plumfield Academy is a Non-Public School certified by the California Department of Education. 

Plumfield’s tuition is set by the Sonoma County SELPA

Please contact our administrative office at 707-824-1414 with questions about tuition.