Adoption support for boys with circle flag

Adoption Support

Sometimes, supportive and loving families need intensive help to provide the level of therapeutic care necessary for an adopted child who may have been exposed to neglect, violence, drugs and other forms of early childhood abuse. Issues of attachment, emotional volatility, peer and family relations, anxiety and depression can be overwhelming and create long-lasting stress for both the child and the family. It can be challenging for families to sustain the level of supervision, structure, attention and behavioral intervention that these children can require. Plumfield Academy provides experienced adoption support for boys and their families.

When individual and family therapy, behavioral interventions, and other supportive services have not been enough, parents may consider a residential treatment program as a temporary intervention. Fortunately, the Adoption Assistance Program (AAP), funded by the federal government, financially supports out of home care for up to 18 months for children and families most in need. Plumfield Academy works with adoptive families and uses proven modalities to affect positive change in both the child and the family dynamic, allowing for the successful reunification of the child with a strengthened and empowered family.

For further information on adoption support and residential care an excellent information source is NACAC, the “North American Council on Adoptable Children”